* Note in mind, that vintage items is not 100% new item, therefore, there might be some tiny defect or stain as stated. You might need professional cleaning service and alteration. Preferable not for extreme fussy buyer.
* Customer with complete order form will be given priority
* Refunds and Exchange are strictly prohibited, except on a case by case basis.
* We will not be responsible for any lost or damaged shipment due to the negligence of shipping provider.
* Re-fashion or alteration may be made to create a more modern appearance of the garment.
* Prices are fix, please do not negotiate
* Payment has to be made within 48 hours upon confirmation of order.
* Item will be send once we received the payment.
* You can track your package through Pos Malaysia or call Posline at 1-300-300-300

Q: How Do I Place an Order?
A: You can send in an order form or send us an email at pachentavintage@gmail.com and we will reply within 24 hours.

Q: How Do I Make Payments?
A: You can either transfer online/bank in through cash deposit/transfer through atm to our Maybank Account, CIMB Account or Paypal.

Q: Whats the difference of Pos Laju and Pos Express?
A: Pos Laju requires the signature of the recipient, in other words, doorstep delivery. Pos Express is less safer, parcel will be dropped into the mail box. Pos Laju is highly recommended.

Q: Can I reserve items?
A: Yes, you can reserve items only if payment has been made/at least half of the total amount. Reserved items are only allowed for 7 days, or deposit will be forfeited.

Q: What is Vintage Clothing? Is it Restockable?
A: Vintage clothing are new (some still with price tag) and used items that comes from Era 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Each item is unique, so we only have 1 piece per design. Non-restockable.

Q: Is the dress comes with the accessories (ex: belts, handbags, etc)?
A: No. Unless stated.

Q: I am not from Malaysia, Can I Purchase From You?
A: Yes. Do email us your order at pachentavintage@gmail.com . The most economical shipping fee wil be advised later.

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